Top 5 most inspirational South African Women

In celebration of women’s month I believe that it is important for us as women to draw inspiration from women that have chosen to lead by example and raise the bar of what women can do. It is no secret that we have a long way to go as South Africans when it comes to changing patriarchal systems. However that does not mean we can’t celebrate our South African women who have lead lives that continue to empower and inspire. Here is a list of South African women who are doing it big.

1. Bridget Radebe

Bridget is one of the richest black women in African. Ms Radebe was one of the first black women in South African to establish herself as a mining entrepreneur specializing in deep level hard rock mining. She is wife to ANC minister Jeff Radebe and older sister to Patrice Motsepe. Talk about having a power house of a family. Can you imagine the conversation at the dinner table. What I would do to be a fly on the wall for that dinner I would probably come up with so much wisdom. She definitely gets a inspirational women stamp from Glosscentral.

2. Dr Judy Dlamini

Dr Judy definitely gets our stamp for inspirational women. She is a medical doctor, entrepreneur, academic and philanthropist. She is the founder and chairperson of Mbekani group which is an investment company with a finger in every industry you can think of. With all that going on she made time to write a book. She lost her son but her resilience to continue going and reach a net worth of R124 million. Definitely a women to learn from.

3. Nonhlanhla Sylvia Mncube

Mrs Mncube is the founder of women for housing and the rural housing loan fund. A women who takes pride in the empowerment of other women definitely gets our stamp of inspirational women. Mrs Mncube is a successful woman who runs Eziko Investments and the Alpha network for women , and has a net worth of R94 Million.

4. Mamaphela Ramphela

Ms Ramphela is a South African politician, and was the famous Steve Biko’s partner. She is a medical doctor, academic and very successful business women with a net worth of R55 Million.

5. Christine Ramon

Christine is the chief financial officer of gold mining company Anglo gold and has been named South Africans CFO of the year at the CFO awards. Her net worth is estimated at R49.67 million. Talk about making it rain boss lady.




Most of us have been tangled in the web of lies of fast hash diets that promise the stars will suck the fat off your body while you sleep, and the moon will snatch it all back and make your skin tight and toned like you spend 12 hours at the gym every day. When the reality is that 95% of these pills and potions are just fibs, and the rest of the 5% might work but have crazy side effects that will actually do more harm than good to your health.

Meanwhile the media is bombarded with pictures and videos of girls who look flawless and have no stretch marks to tell the story. This is actually cruel and unfair. I mean why can’t Chris Brown have a video where he falls in love with a chubby girl with a missing tooth and a pimple or two. I mean that would be more realistic and appeal to the majority of human kind.

What makes it worse is that your pocket determines which side of the scale you land on because healthy food has become ridiculously priced and the gyms are ripping people off with their long contracts to keep you paying whether you lose weight or not. However there is more information on health and fitness all over the place now. You don’t really need to join a gym to workout and thank the Lord for the internet which has provided us with free recipes and health tips that can suit every persons pocket.

Which brings me to my next point. Since there is so much information on health and fitness why then is the rate of obese people increasing. according to a study published in the medical journal The Lancet which states that the number of obese people has increased from 641 million from 105 million in 1975. According to the study more women than men are obese. What is that saying?. Are women depressed because they feel far less admired and appreciated than skinny women which leads to over eating and lack of gym motivation. Or could there be some scientific explanation to why women are getting fat and men are not? which may be that women watch more television than men. I am actually not sure but I am going to find out.

Weightloss Journey Update


128 Kg

One thing that is fore sure is that my weight-loss journey has not been easy. In 2017 i made the conscious decision to lose weight. I was weighing 128 kg at my heaviest. I was depressed, struggled to breath, and had a hard time focusing.  However i went on a dietish and then started working out like crazy. I worked out twice a day. I did Taebo in the morning and HIIT training in the evening. by December 2017 i weighed 95 kg.

128 kg vs 95 kg

I was so excited. I couldn’t believe that i had managed to get 33 kg off my body. However things started going left when i got a little to comfortable. I wasn’t even at my goal weight yet and I was reverting back to old habits. I was eating more sugar and eating more takeouts. oh but how potatoes tasted so good. but here we are now its August 2018 and I am weighing 103 kg. how did I let myself 8 kg a whole dress size and a half. So its time to make a change I am getting back to my goal of 80 kg which might be a lot for most of you but that is my goal. So that means I have about 23 kg to lose in 5 months. It is doable and this time I am involving the God almighty. I can not do this without Jesus. So the first thing I am going to do is go on a water fast to cleanse my body. the duration is going to be 3-7 days we will see how far the holy spirit takes me and then I will take it from there with a low carb diet.

Today is my first day of my water fast and so far so good. I ma hungry though I wont lie but I am staying committed. Look out for my YouTube video which will coming out end of the week to show you guys my progress and share my experience.