No Grammy For Beyonce and Rihanna.


Beyonce and Rihanna are probably going to look like this at the Grammy’s as they  have not received any nominations. The ‘Feeling myself’ Pop Star and ‘Bitch better have my money’ rebel are not receiving anything this year unfortunately. Girl for a artist that has won  a total of 20 awards and 53 nominations from the Grammy’s for her music (as a solo artist and with Destiny’s Child), what are doing wrong Queen B. Riri you have won over eight. My suspicions for Beyonce is her genre change. Her music has lost some soul. With Riri Sorry babe better luck next year. Lay a comment on what you think about this situation.Do you agree she has lost some soul.

Calorie Counter App That is the Best

picture of app

I just discovered a weight loss app, I am so exited. This makes life so much more easy. This app calculates the amount of calories you thinking of eating or have eaten an gives you your daily calorie intake. i think the best part though is that it calculates for you how many calories you should eat in order to reach your goal weight in the time that you have set.  What is better it gives you recommendations on what food you should be eating. I don,t think you understand I am so in love. Watch this girl get Skinty honey. Check it out and tell me what you guys think?

Frugal nude lip

Capture Now ladies lets be real, if you like me you try extend your pocket by all means necessary but look as good as Minnie Dlamini or whoever you celeb idol is. I found products to give me my trendy nude lip under 50 bucks. The 3 Items I use are a dark brown lip liner which you can get at clicks, a pink lipstick at Ralo, and a clicks beauty sale lipstick for ten Bucks, yea you heard me just ten bucks. The result is what you see above. The only thing I could advice you on is to keep these items in your purse as they do need re application as the day goes.